For the first time in the Czech Republic, in our country in Pardubice, and such a success!

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Pardubice – There are concerts that are remembered for a long time. The three November subscription evenings of the Chamber Philharmonic orchestra of Pardubice will undoubtedly rank among them. At the Suk Hall of the House of Music in Pardubice, listeners last week could meet a young man, whom we are most likely to hear much about. The pianist Fabio Martino, originated from Brazil and with education behind the German piano school, came for the first time to introduce himself to the Czech Republic. He played three times the Mozart’s Concert No. 20 in D minor, K. 466 to the audience in Pardubice and in all occasions he earned a huge, long-lasting ovation, to which he always responded with sympathetic musical offerings of various genres. The effervescence of youth, a fine-tuned technique in which every single keystroke has a meaning, and the charisma literally enchanted the audience…

…Listening to the music of the heavenly spheres and watching the young talented artist as he lived through and communicated to all those involved, both brought into the hall a supernatural atmosphere, from which someone would hardly get distracted…Beloved beautiful and incredible…

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