Repertoire for Piano and Orchestra

(These works were already played).


Bach, J.S.: Concerto in d-minor BWV 1052  
Beethoven, L. van: Concerto Nr. 1 op. 15 in C-Major

Concerto Nr. 2 op. 19 in B-flat Major

Concerto Nr. 3 op. 37 in c-minor

Concerto Nr. 5 op. 73 in E-flat-Major               

Bartók, B.: Concerto Nr. 3 Sz 119 in E-Major
Chopin, F.: Variations on Theme “Là ci darem la mano” op. 2
Gershwin, G.: Concerto in F

Rhapsody in Blue

Guarnieri, C.: Concerto Nr. 2 (1946)
Haydn, J.: Concerto in D-Major, Hob.XVIII:11
Kapustin, N.: Double Concerto for Violine and Piano op. 105
Liszt, F.: Concerto Nr. 1 S. 124 in E-flat-Major

Fantasy on Themes from Ruins of Athens

Medtner, N.: Concerto Nr. 2 op. 50 in c-minor
Mendelssohn, F.: Concerto Nr. 2 op. 40 in d-minor
Mignone, F.: Burlesca e Toccata

Fantasia Brasileira Nr. 1

Fantasia Brasileira Nr. 2

Fantasia Brasileira Nr. 3

Fantasia Brasileira Nr. 4  

Mozart, W. A.: Concerto Nr. 13 KV 415 in C-Major

Concerto Nr. 14 KV 449 in E-flat-Major

Concerto Nr. 20 KV 466 in d-minor

Concerto Nr. 26 KV 537in D-Major

Prokofiew, S.: Concerto Nr. 2 op. 16 in g-minor
Ravel, M.: Concerto in G-Major
Rachmaninow, S.: Concerto Nr. 1 op. 1 in f-sharp-minor

Concerto Nr. 2 op. 18 in c-minor

Rhapsody on a Theme from Paganini op. 43  

Saint-Saens, C.: Concerto Nr. 1 op. 17 in D-Major                   
Schostakowitsch, D: Concerto for Piano, Trumpet and chamber orchestra Nr. 1 op. 35 in c-minor

Concerto Nr. 2 op. 102 in F-Major

Schumann, R.: Concerto op. 54 in a-minor
Villa-Lobos, H.: Concerto Nr. 5 W 521
Tchaikovsky, P.: Concerto Nr. 1 op. 23 in b-flat-minor
Weber, C. M. von: Konzertstück op. 79 in f-minor

To be extended:

(New Repertoire upon request).


Beethoven, L. van: Concerto Nr. 4 op. 58 in G-Major
Brahms, J.: Concerto Nr. 1 op. 15 in d-minor
Bortkiewicz, S.: Concerto Nr. 3 op. 32 in c-minor
Chopin, F.: Concerto Nr. 1 op. 11 in e-minor

Concerto Nr. 2 op. 21 in f-minor

Dvorák, A.: Concerto op. 33 in g-minor
Liszt, F.: Concerto Nr. 2 S. 125 in A-Major
Mendelssohn, F.: Concerto Nr. 1 op. 25 in g-minor
Prokofiew, S.: Concerto Nr. 1 op. 10 in D-flat-Major

Concerto Nr. 3 op. 26 in C-Major

Rachmaninow, S.: Concerto Nr. 3 op. 30 in d-minor
Scriabin, A.: Concerto op. 20 in f-sharp-minor


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